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Trail rides

Can I choose my own horse?

Each horse has its own personality. It is important that each rider is matched to their horse to give them the best possible experience. Choosing a horse for its appearance will not always lead to the best match for the rider.

Can my 5 year old go on the trail?

No, children must be at least 8 years old. Small children get tired and often do not have the attention span to hold onto the reins and to follow instructions.

Can my child ride in front of me on my horse?

No, this is not a safe practice. Children over 8 can have their own horse; those younger can have a led pony ride in the arena.

Do you have a weight limit for horseback riding?

Yes, our weight limit is 300lbs. All riders need to be able to get themselves up onto the saddle and fit into it. Safety of the Rider and horse is the #1 consideration.

Can I bring my dog?

No, Boulderwood has its own dogs and cats that are familiar with the horses. A strange dog may create a hazard to both horse and rider.

Can I gallop?

Each ride travels at the speed of the least comfortable person. The trail guide determines the speed of each ride. In hot weather it is necessary to go at a slower pace to protect the health of the horses

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