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Trail Rides

Each trail ride is lead by one of our experienced trail guides through mixed woodland and fields. Every ride is personally tailored; the Guide determines route and speed as they assess the comfort level and experience of the group. Most beginners gain enough confidence to try a short Canter. There are more challenging trails for the more advanced riders (who are known by Boulderwood).

Larger groups are split in to smaller ones for separate rides. This helps us keep the rides safe and fun. While one group is out on a ride the rest of the group can enjoy a game of tennis, a dip in the pool or prepare some food on the BBQ.

It is important to dress for the outdoors. We ride in all weather year round. Also note that the weather here is quite different than Metro as we're located on the top of the Annapolis valley. If you aren't sure about the weather, please give us a call. It's a lot easier than arriving to find it cooler than you expected, or not showing and missing a beautiful day.

On the trail we suggest wearing long pants, and proper footwear. Shorts can be quite uncomfortable as your knees can rub on the saddles. Shoes with a small heel or sneakers are fine, sandles are not good as they offer little support or protection.

Trail Ride (1 hr.) $35 + tax per rider
Ride and Swim $40 + tax per rider
$10 + tax per non-rider
NOTE: After 6pm there is an additional charge of $5 per person

Booking and Payment Policies

A 50% deposit is required for all Groups and Parties within five days of booking to reserve the date and time. Deposits are non-refundable.

All prices are subject to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

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